By default category pages display only posts thumbnails. To set up portfolio you just need to create posts with assigned categories and add category pages to the menu. It means you can easily create any number of portfolio pages sorted by category. Customization options make it very easy to change portfolio look and feel by setting number of columns and gap between thumbnails, overlay color and opacity, title position, font size and much more. See customization examples in the Demos section.

Creating posts for portfolio

  1. Go to “Posts” [arr] “Add New” in your WordPress admin panel.
  2. Enter your post title and content.
  3. Assign categories using “Categories” section on the right side of the screen.
  4. Click “Set featured image” inside “Featured Image” section to set post thumbnail.
  5. When you are ready, click “Publish”.

Adding category pages to the menu

Navigate to “Appearance” [arr] “Menu” to add category pages to the menu. Сlick on the “Categories” tab to expand it, select the desirable categories and click “Add to Menu”. Drag and drop menu items to change their order and click “Save Menu”. Use one of dedicated plugins out there if you want to remove “category” base from URL.

Setting category page as a front page

Go to “Appearance” [arr] “Customize” [arr] “Front Page” to set category page as a front page. Select specific category from the “Front Page Category” dropdown and click “Save & Publish“. Note that “Front page displays” setting supposed to be set to “Your latest posts”.

Portfolio customization

Once you’ve created a portfolio, you may need to customize it. Go to “Appearance” [arr] “Customize” [arr] “Portfolio” from your WordPress admin panel to change the portfolio’s look .

From here you can change number of columns (desktop and mobile), size of the gap between columns (desktop and mobile), hover effect color and opacity and much more.

Thumbnail title font and font size settings are located in “Typography” section (“Appearance” [arr] “Customize” [arr] “Typography”).

Posts Order and Blog Category

By default WordPress displays posts in descending chronological order. To reorder posts use one of dedicated plugins. Or check “Random Order” option to display posts randomly.

You may want to set specific category to show full posts instead of thumbnails (for example for blog posts). Select needed category from “Blog Category” dropdown. Number of blog posts per page setting is located in “Appearance” [arr] “Reading”.