Getting Started

The easiest way to get started is the WordPress Customize screen. It provides a simple and consistent interface to preview and modify various appearance settings like colors, layout, typography, menu, widgets and more.

Navigate to “Appearance” [arr] “Customize” from your WordPress admin panel.

1. Site title, custom logo and introduction text

Navigate to “Site Identity” to set your site title and tagline. You can also upload your own image instead of standard title text. Here you may add an introduction text which will appear on the home page right above the content block.

2. Setting up the homepage

Go to “Front Page” to set the homepage. By default, the front page displays the most recent posts. From the “Front Page Category” dropdown you can choose specific category for the front page posts to display. Or you can set any page as the “Front Page” or the “Posts Page”. The page assigned as the “Front Page” will display the static information. The page assigned as the “Posts Page” displays recent posts.

3. Setting up the menu

Head over to “Menus” and click “Add a menu”. Enter a name for your new menu and then click “Create Menu”. Click the “Add Items” button to add menu items like pages, posts, categories, tags and custom links. After adding items to the menu, select the “Left Menu” option in “Display Location”.

4. Widget areas

Widget areas is an easy way to add things like additional menu, text information, search form, etc. When you open “Widgets” section in Customizer you will see that this theme has two widget areas. Widgets added to the “Left Widget Area” will be located right under the menu. Widgets added to the “Footer Widget Area” will always be at the bottom of the page.

5. Disable comments

By default, WordPress enables comments on all posts. If you want to disable comments navigate to “Settings” [arr] “Discussion” and uncheck the option “Allow people to post comments on articles”. This will prevent comments on all future posts on your site. To prevent all comments on published posts go to “Posts” [arr] “All Posts” and select posts for which you wish to delete comments. Then click on “Bulk Actions” [arr] “Edit” [arr] “Apply” and then choose the “Do Not Allow” option for comments.

6. Save & Publish

Once you’re done, click “Save & Publish“ button to save the changes.